Why I Started a Second War of the Visions Account and What My Long-Term Goal Is

Last Updated on May 20, 2022

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The other day, I was looking at my main account and realized I wasn’t really able to build any cost 100 units. I’ve had this account for over a year, but between bad luck and building other units, it just….didn’t happen.

I don’t have Black Rose Helena (aka Goth Mom), Duane, or King Mont. And you know, you see them everywhere in PVP, both in Arena and Guild Wars. My KOR Sterne and Gilgamesh have just been sitting there for months as I’ve been focusing on other units, primarily the limited time collab units (most recently, EXing Warrior of Light to 120).


I have 36 units TMR’d (max limit break and ascension), but only 7 at EX (post 99). And now I’m saving for Cloud for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake collab which should be within the next few weeks. Final Fantasy XV is currently running on the JP server, which means Global will likely get it within the next 3-4 months. So I’d like to save for Noctis (he’s a personal favorite of mine, OK) and build Prompto.

My main account. It’s OK I guess.

For anyone who is FTP (free to play) or a minnow (very light spender), War of the Visions requires much more patience and a longer grind than other gachas. It’s infamous in r/gachagaming (thanks GUMI). In most gachas I play, the currency to spend on pulling a banner – usually called gems, diamonds, stones, or whatever else – is for that and that only. In WOTV, that’s not usually the case. You also use your visiore to buy shards for the character after you’ve pulled them. You need 600 shards to max limit break. And post-EX, another 400 to get them to level 120 (the current level cap – I wonder what’s in store for the 2nd anniversary, wahoo).

It’s not as bad now as it used to be, considering there are bingo boards (called challenge boards in game) which guarantees a 2/5 limit break, shards as log-in rewards, and now there’s the new star system (stars can be exchanged for shards – you acquire stars from pulling on a banner), of which people are still debating over. I 120’d Yuna without spending a single dollar on building her – and there were still at least 2 weeks left of the Final Fantasy X collab. But this was before the “9 step banner nerf” and subsequently the implementation of the star system, so I’ll keep track of what happens with Cloud. I currently have over 53K visiore saved.

Praise be to Aeon Bond.

Cost 100 Units and My New Account

With cost 100 units, you can only do their Hard Quests (to gain shards) once a day, and some of these cost 100 unit shards cost double the amount of a regular UR (ultra rare) unit.

Keeping this in mind, and the free time I have, I decided to make another account on a whim, with the main focus of working on double cost units. Why? Well, why not. I want to see how the experience will go.

I was more lucky on the account than I thought I’d be as I didn’t need to reroll – I got 99 Ildyra in the tutorial summon (who’s perfect for farming), and in the UR guaranteed beginner banner, I got King Mont. Then a few pulls later and I also got Gilgamesh. So that’s two cost 100 units in the first day. I would have been happier with Goth Mom instead of Gilgamesh, honestly. But I didn’t want to reroll after a 99 Ildyra and 2 cost 100s. So I kept the account.

6 days in and I’m rank 71, and on Chapter 9 of the main story. I have almost 30K visiore. The beginner shop had a shard selector, and premium units were included. So I used them on King Mont, and he’s already almost level 89 with 146/200 shards to TMR (trust mastery reward). He’s also in the guild barracks to acquire more shards. There was also the regular UR selector ticket, so I went for Moore. There’s also a beginner log-in bonus with shard selectors, so I’m choosing Moore’s to TMR her as soon as possible.

This is what my main formation looks like now (please ignore the equipment, I’ll work on it):

Noob account.

I’ll be saving visiore until King Jayden arrives and hoping I can pull him. Well, we’ll see. Otherwise, I’ll be doing what I can to build King Mont and Gilgamesh.

I also want to see how vastly different my vision cards end up. I already have a 2* Black Rose of the Battlefield on my alt account. It’s still only 1* on my main. And yes, I’m working on Fenrir and Solidus on my main account! They’re nearly done.

I’m also staying completely FTP on this one because I’ve already put quite a bit into my main account and can’t afford to do more.

Husba- I mean for science.

Does this new account experiment sound ridiculous? Probably.

Will this fail? Maybe.

Do I have the time to try and see how this works? For now I do.

Well, if you got this far, thanks for reading. I’ll update on my progress once King Jayden’s banner rolls around.

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