Why Battlefield V is A Standout Among Shooters

Last Updated on July 13, 2019

by Avery F

Before Battlefield 1, I wasn’t particularly interested in traditional shooters. I played the Call of Duty entries Modern Warfare and World at War, but I never considered myself to be an avid player of the genre.

When Battlefield 1 released, I saw an FPS that interested me and kept me hooked. From the War Stories campaign to the Grand Operation multiplayer mode, this classic shooter adequately improved upon an otherwise monotonous genre.

And then came Battlefield V.

The Battlefield series has always been a stand out in the genre. But the release of Battlefield 1 clicked with me. I have a special enjoyment for story driven campaigns, and both Battlefield 1 and V have delivered on this front. The War Stories in both bring an element of depth to the genre.

Focusing on individual stories and the impact of war brings a much-needed tone shift. Mainstream shooters have generally hyper-focused on gunplay and multiplayer elements. They maximize the gameplay while eschewing the real-life consequences of war. In trying to create a light, fun environment set in warfare, these games walk a fine line between making a fun game and glorifying war. 

The writers of Battlefield V have succeeded in delivering a more emotional and complex narrative that helps players to understand the tragedy of war. As this game delves into World War II, the campaigns focus on some of the lesser known stories of the war, such as the operations in Norway to disrupt Nazi nuclear research, and the Senegalese troops conscripted to fight for France.

War has been usually told from the viewpoint of heroes engaging in heroic actions to save their country. Often, though, history glosses over those who are not typically seen as heroes. Battlefield V corrects this by telling untold tales of ordinary people doing extraordinary work.

In Norway, resistance fighters disrupt the Nazi’s nuclear research and prevent the creation of a German atom bomb. In France, Senegalese troops, historically under the boot of colonization and imperialism by their French oppressors, fight to liberate France. However, they are never thanked or acknowledged for their service. All of these people helped stop the advance of the German army, yet are forgotten by history.

In-game photograph of French-conscripted Senegalese soldiers in the Tirailleur war story.

After I finished War Stories, I moved on to multiplayer. As you’d expect, this is where Battlefield V truly shines. Tides of War, the newest addition to multiplayer, has you complete a multiplayer campaign over the course of several days. Throughout this, you complete multiple objectives while following a single series of war operations. Each section contains the next largest part of multiplayer: Grand Operations.

Grand Operations span several in-game days through which you play sections of an assault. Each day, the attackers and the defenders have a chance to prevail. And with each success and failure, the landscape of the gameplay changes. It’s this ever-changing gameplay that keeps me coming back. Typical shooters usually stick with the basics: Deathmatch, team deathmatch, and capture the flag. There are some variations of course, but these staples make up the core of most shooters.

While Battlefield V maintains those elements, most of its multiplayer takes place in these larger scale modes. With two thirty-two player teams competing, the matches are intense and massive.

The amount of ways you can fight is another major draw. You can play four different types of ground troops, each of which fills a different role in a match. Assault is damage based, support handles suppression or resupplies, the medic keeps the squad alive, and the scout provides ranged support.

If you do not want to go on foot, both tanks and airplanes are available, but in low supply. You likely need some skill if you want to support your friends on the ground. Coordination is key, and a well-organized team can steam-roll anyone who is not up to par.

Aerial battle (and my great dog-fighting skills) featured in the Grand Operations multiplayer mode.

Battlefield V, despite being what many would call a basic shooter, has a level of depth few others in the genre have. Through an engaging and educational single player campaign and a wildly entertaining and ever-changing multiplayer that allows for dozens, if not hundreds of hours of great gameplay, the newest installment of Battlefield is a breath of fresh air.

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