Tales of Crestoria Finally Adds a Pity System

Last Updated on June 15, 2021

Gacha RPG Tales of Crestoria has just added a new pity system – here’s how it works. You pull on the specified banner 200 times, and you get enough summon medals to exchange for one of the featured units on the banner, if you were unlucky and didn’t pull them by then. Let’s take a look at how it looks in game.

Go to Menu > Exchange and then the Premium Summons Medal Exchange. Here, it’s the first option.

Once in the summons medal exchange, you’ll see unit tickets you can get in exchange for 200 medals, which guarantees the unit. Better late than never, I guess!

But how much is this, you ask? Well….a lot. One summon is one medal. One summon requires 250 gleamstones. So for 200 summons, that’s a hefty 50,000 gleamstones. I think they should lower that requirement a bit. What do you think of this new pity system?

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