NieR Reincarnation – Mythic Slab Guide

Nier Reincarnation

A new mechanic has recently been added to NieR Reincarnation to further enhance your characters. This is called mythic slab. The Mythic Slab consists of skill trees which buff a character’s stats (damage, HP, defense), and adds passive abilities (increases stats of weapons, increases damage from weapons, and so forth). Enhancing a character’s Mythic Slab will apply to all costumes of that character, regardless of the rarity of the costume. After enhancing your characters through mythic slab, you will notice a sizable increase in force.

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NieR Reincarnation Launches Drakengard 3 Collaboration

Nier Reincarnation

NieR Reincarnation is currently having a collaboration event with Drakengard 3. A new side story titled Record: Blood Oath’s Edge is available, with a free 3* version of Zero to be picked up in the event exchange, along with companioan Mikhail. 4* Zero Divergent Sister, along with 4* Akeha Intoner Assassin and 4* Fio Intoner Girl are available in the gacha summons. A full event guide can be seen here.