Review: Stories Untold

The stories unfold

Warning: Major story spoilers ahead

Stories Untold was a horror/science-fiction, first person narrative adventure game developed by indie studio No Code. It created quite the buzz among interactive fiction communities around the time of its release. When you look it up, the first thing that pleased the eye was the bold, red logo. Its depiction of computers, that existed before most of its audience, floated across the screen. And there was the oh so familiar sound of 80s synthesizers.

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Review – The Silence Under Your Bed

Intro screen of “The Silence Under Your Bed” by Trevor Henderson

The art of folklore has never died; it has simply evolved. The millennial generation is producing new urban legends in every medium possible, creating a vast library of tales that will make our ancestors envious. Bravemule is a game studio that specializes in this. They’ve written and developed interactive fiction containing stories from several cultures.

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