How I Recovered from the End of Flash Games with

My middle school years of online activity consisted of websites like Addicting Games and GamesForGirls (this site refuses to load). My online history contained hours of playing flash games; the game categories I frequented were cooking or point-and-click.

A vast percentage of flash games on Addicting Games are cross posts from Newgrounds and Armor Games. They continue to live on as more flash game sites spawn and players repost them. But with the death of Adobe Flash, a lot of these games are dead or require a Google Extension. So now many of these sites are hollow. In the younger me, does not exist, and I will not start my love affair of indies games until I’m an adult. starts in 2013 by Leaf Corcoran.

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Review: 206

Getting ready in the morning, the dreaded routine we’re all burdened with

Warning: Story Spoilers Ahead

206 is a short narrative-adventure game created by solo developer Yo Fujii. It was released as a demo in April 2020. Japanese independent game developers are relatively unknown in English speaking spaces. So 206 was one of many games that I had stashed in a folder with no pre-decisions or research done before downloading and storing. I know absolutely nothing about it other than that it was made by a Japanese independent developer, which is a demographic of games that I only found in the RPG maker horror section of indie games (i.e. Kikkiyama of Yume Nikki).

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