NieR Reincarnation Reroll Guide

Last Updated on January 5, 2023

NieR Reincarnation has just released. But many people are confused about the reroll process. So let’s take a look at how it works.

What is Rerolling?

Rerolling in a gacha game is the process of starting the game over from scratch until you get the character you want from the featured summon banner.

When to Reroll in NieR Reincarnation

Make sure you’ve installed the game on your preferred device. Tap to start, accept the terms and conditions, and register your player name.

You can skip the cinematics, and hit Auto in the top right corner to automatically move the character.

Upon arriving at the door, tap in the bottom right corner to open the door, and you will have a brief conversation with Mama. Your choices in dialogue here won’t matter.

Then hit Auto in the top right again to go up the stairs. Another cinematic will prompt, which you can again skip.

This is the point in the game where you enter the first level of The Cage. Now you can get to rerolling. In the top right corner, collect everything from your Gift Box, which currently should include at least 4500 gems.

Tap in the bottom right corner where the Diamond with Mama in it is to get to the main menu (known as the Mama Menu). Mama will pester you about it. But it’s OK, keep saying yes so you can get to the Mama Menu.

Upon reaching the Mama Menu, click Summons on the right. Again, make sure you’ve collected the gems from the gift box or missions before summoning.

Then pick the banner you want, and press the 10 times button:

After this, you can watch the pulls one by one, or hit Skip in the top right corner. Then check your results:

I was lucky to get 2P.

Who to Reroll For?

Two more of the following, if limited characters are not available:

  1. Griff/Fractured Captain
  2. Gayle/Abstract Hunter
  3. Lars/Fractured Soldier
  4. Noelle/Fractured Weapon

Detailed NieR Re[in]carnation tier lists can be seen here and here.

Keep in mind that a team requires 3 unique characters (so you can’t have more than 1 Lars in the same team, for example).

How to Reroll in NieR Reincarnation

iOS Device

Uninstall app, then reinstall via the App Store.

Android Device

Settings > Apps > Nier > Storage > Clear Data.

Then open the app again. No need for uninstalling.

PC via Bluestacks 5 64-Bit – Multi Instance

This is where it gets a bit more complicated, so read carefully. The point of multi-instance is to run the game multiple times at once, so you can reroll many accounts at the same time. This helps the process of rerolling go much faster.

Bluestacks 5 64-Bit is what you want to get. It’s an Android Emulator for PC, and currently the only version of Bluestacks that works well with NieR Reincarnation.

After you open Bluestacks 5 64-bit, go to the Play Store, sign in with your Google Account, and install NieR Reincarnation. After this, we can begin the multi-instance process. You can open this up by searching for “Bluestacks 5 multi-instance manager” in your Windows search bar, or by opening up Bluestacks and clicking on the Multi-instance manager on the right.

At Settings on the bottom toolbar, I have capped the FPS at 30, and checked “Disable audio for all instances” to reduce CPU usage.

After hitting Clone instance, choose the amount of instances you want to create, and the graphics settings. Then press create. It might take a while, so just wait a bit.

Select all the 64-bit instances, and press Start on the right. After you have arranged them, your screen should look something like this:

Then what you want to do so that you’re not clicking on each instance individually is to make sure your clicks on one instance are automatically imitated in all the other instances at the same time. So pick the top leftmost instance. In this case, mine would be Bluestacks 1. Click on Sync operations, select all the other instances, and then Start sync.

On the instance you started the sync operation on, get to opening up the game, summoning, and then stopping the sync operation once you’ve got what you wanted. Make sure to watch the other instances as they should be imitating your clicks.

If you didn’t get what you want, go to Settings > Apps > Nier > Storage > Clear Data. You can reach settings from the Home page of Bluestacks. You can still make sure Sync operations is turned on here if all the instances had bad rolls.

With Sync operations on, remember, once you’ve got the target summon, turn off Sync operations immediately so you don’t lose your account!

Backing Up Your NieR Reincarnation Account

After you get your target summon, make sure to go to Mama Menu > Menu > Transfer Data and back up your account via Square Enix Bridge. You can make a Square Enix Bridge account here.

If you want to transfer your account to a different device, make sure you first have backed up your preferred account by signing in with SQEX Bridge as previously mentioned.

Then on the new device, install the game, and as soon as it loads, tap the button in the top right corner, then transfer data. Sign in with SQEX Bridge. And you should be done.

You can also do this process with Facebook instead. But I recommend Square Enix Bridge.

Hopefully this guide helped! Good luck on your pulls and enjoy the game.

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