NieR Reincarnation – Mythic Slab Guide

Last Updated on April 21, 2022

A new mechanic has recently been added to NieR Reincarnation to further enhance your characters. This is called mythic slab. The Mythic Slab consists of skill trees which buff a character’s stats (damage, HP, defense), and adds passive abilities (increases stats of weapons, increases damage from weapons, and so forth). Enhancing a character’s Mythic Slab will apply to all costumes of that character, regardless of the rarity of the costume. After enhancing your characters through mythic slab, you will notice a sizable increase in force.

To begin, go to Mama Menu>Enhance>Mythic Slab. The characters are currently filtered between main characters of NieR Reincarnation and Crossover Characters (Automata, Replicant, Drakengard, etc).

Let’s pick Lars, and look at the current progress of his Mythic Slab.

Character Enhance Menu
Mythic Slab – Character Page

After picking a character, you will see the Mythic Slab page for that character. There are two monuments – Stone Tower and Cursed God. You can switch between them by tapping “Change Slab” at the bottom left of the page. Tapping “Status” will show the overall progress of all monuments.

Mythic Slab – Cursed God Monument
Mythic Slab – Status Page

Stone Tower Monument

To advance in the Mythic Slab, you start from the top of the monument and make your way to the bottom. Each panel needs to be unlocked with a certain number of materials. If you have enough materials, you can unlock many at once, by going to the bottom most panel that is glowing, tapping on it, and tapping unlock. Tapping on a panel will tell you what it will do for your character, and how many materials you need if you haven’t unlocked it. Tapping on that material will tell you where to get it.

For Stone Tower, you need Slab Fragments. The most efficient way to get slab fragments is through the master difficulty of the timed guerilla quests (Quests>Subquests>Guerilla Quests). You can also acquire slab fragments in the medal shop (medals are acquired through selling or ascending 2* and 3* weapons), as well as through event exchange shops, and through various other quests (main quests, dark memory, memoir dungeons, daily quests). But guerilla quests should be your priority as they have the highest drop rate.

Small Slab Fragment
Small Slab Fragment
Medium Slab Fragment
Large Slab Fragment

With slab fragments, there are three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. There are 3 ranks to complete for each monument. For stone tower, here’s how many slab fragments you will need for each rank, and what your character will gain:

Rank 1:
Small – 905
Medium – 45

Stat gain:
Attack – 1980
Defense -1800
HP – 26800
2% Discipline (3 chain hit chance increase)

Rank 2:
Small – 70
Medium – 1065
Large – 45

Stat gain:
Attack – 2010
Defense – 1950
HP – 23200
2% Discipline (4 chain hit chance increase)

Rank 3:
Small – 4500
Medium – 620
Large – 945

Stat gain:
Attack – 1920
Defense – 1650
HP – 27600

10% Discipline (3 chain hit chance increase )
4% Discipline (4 chain hit chance increase )

Cursed God Monument

You advance in the cursed god monument with Antler Bits. You gain Antler Bits through subjugation quests and the Subjugation Battle Coins shop. These coins are acquired through participating in subjugation. To briefly explain subjugation mode, subjugation battles are boss raids where 9 characters participate in 3 waves to deal as much damage as possible. It is best to use primary weapons with the element the boss is weak to. The higher your score, the better the rewards, and the more likely you are to unlock the next difficulty. Since subjugation battles are not always available, keep an eye on the quests tab.

There are also three sizes for Antler Bits: Small, Medium, and Large. And there are 3 ranks for the cursed god monument. Here’s how many antler bits you will need for each rank.

Small Antler Bit
Medium Antler Bit
Large Antler Bit

Rank 1:
Small – 1050

Rank 2:
Small – 1500
Medium – 970

Rank 3:
Small – 3000
Medium – 1000
Large – 970

As for who to choose – prioritizing the characters you’ve invested in the most and are on your main team is a wise choice, and especially so if you already have or are planning to get a Dark Memory character.

And that’s pretty much all you need to know about Mythic Slab. Enjoy the force boost!

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