NieR Reincarnation – Mama Points and Remnants Guide

Last Updated on January 5, 2023

NieR Reincarnation just added a new way to enhance characters with a material named Remnants. You gain Remnants by exchanging Mama Points for them.

Mama Points

How can you gain Mama Points in the first place? By clearing specific missions. Make sure to check the Missions tab regularly. In this case, the Missions are referring to a limited time story event.


You use the Mama Points by going to Shop>Exchange>Mama Points Exchange.

Excluding remnants, the items in the exchange will refresh on the 1st of each month. Keep in mind you can only earn 3500 Mama Points a month.

Remnants will boost the stats of costumes that equip specific weapons. For example, Monster Remnants will boost all costumes that specialize in fists weapons.

And that’s about it! As always, enjoy the game.

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