Nier Reincarnation Karma Guide

Last Updated on September 4, 2023

There’s a new way to enhance your costumes, and that’s called Karma. Please note that not all costumes will have the upgrade available at once, and this feature is being rolled out gradually.

For this example, I have chosen one of the costumes released around the game’s launch time. We’ll be taking a look at A2 (Divergent Battler).

From the Mama Menu, go to Enhance > Characters. Tap on a costume. You will see a new tab that says “Karma” on the right. Press on it and you will see the materials needed and Karma status of the specific costume. You will need 30 Karma Stones to unlock all 3 sections of Karma.

What Does Karma Do?

Karma comes in three stages: Karma: I, Karma: II, and Karma: III. Generally, Karma increases various stats and applies more passive abilities and conditions to the costume, both offensive and defensive. So let’s take a look at what each of the three Karma stages could add for this version of A2 as an example. You will need 30 Karma Stones to unlock all 3 stages of Karma.

How Do I Get Karma Stones?

You will need Karma stones to unlock a costume’s Karma. Hold on the Karma stone and it will tell you the ways to get it. Currently, it’s in an Event exchange shop. It might also be acquired through log-in rewards, limited time missions, and paid packs.

Karma Flux

You cannot get all the stats mentioned. Rather, they will be affixed at random. So once Karma is unlocked, you will need coins, slabs, experience items, and elemental jewels to get a random upgrade. Since the event at the time of writing has a free version of Griff, I have used him as an example. The first time I unlocked Karma Flux I, I received a Defense upgrade. I could Karma Flux again, get a new upgrade and choose that one over it. As you will be at the mercy of RNG with this system and will be using many items time and time again, be careful in your choice of costumes and upgrades.

And that should cover the basics of how the Karma system works! Enjoy the game.

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