NieR Reincarnation – Fate Boards Guide

Last Updated on February 18, 2023

A new type of limited subquest has been added to NieR Reincarnation called Fate Boards. New rewards necessary to exalt characters or refine weapons are included. Exalting a character increases their level cap for all costumes. Refining weapons increases their level cap and unlocks a new passive.

Let’s take a brief look at how it works.

Fate Board Quest Details

Go to Quests>Subquests>Fate Board.

You will see a new map image with quests to embark on. Check “Details” and “Rewards” at the bottom to see what you will receive as you progress. Similarly, check each quest itself for the missions and first clear rewards.

I cleared Quest 1 and received a Verse of Truth, which is an item necessary to exalt a character two levels. Similarly, clearing 3 quest missions on the first quest gave me ten Adamants, which is enough to refine a weapon.

Take a look at the screenshots below to see how it looks.

Fate Board Quest
Fate Board – Mission Rewards
Fate Board – Quest Completion Rewards
Fate Board – Individual Quest Clear

Basic Gameplay Guide

The main thing to keep in mind is to equip weapons (both primary and secondary) of the element that is in opposition to the enemy as you will gain a boost. Check the Loadout Bonus on the quest:

Fate Boards Quest – Loadout Bonus

Make sure you have decent memoir sets and leveled companions of both the elements you’re using and are fighting against. Having one companion with a support passive of the element you’re using (Void Support when equipping Dark weapons), and another companion with a Shutdown passive of the element you’re against (Luminous Shutdown against Light enemies) will make things much easier.

Since these fights might take longer, be ready to use a healer and/or weapons/companions that heal to keep everyone alive if trying to DPS your way through it fails.

Here is an example of a loadout that can work for Fate Boards: Shadow quest 1. I’m sure there’s still some optimization I could do. But the point is that it works. Keep in mind the primary gun I have equipped on Griff, Aloof Bullet, has AOE healing. This comes in handy when Reborn Saryu’s character skill is down. And one of the gun’s passives, Void Boon, is also great as it boosts dark damage.

Loadout that can be used for Fate Boards: Shadow Quest 1

This has been a brief overview for Fate Boards. Enjoy the game!

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