NieR Reincarnation Awakening Guide

Last Updated on July 27, 2022

NieR Re[in]carnation just released a new way to enhance characters – Awakening. So let’s take a look at how it works.

From now on, when you pull a duplicate of a costume you already own through summons, you will be granted 1 awakening stone. There may be other ways to gain awakening stones, such as through shop exchanges. For 2* characters, you can get Silver Awakening Stones in event exchanges.

For the majority of 3* and 4* characters, it will be through gacha. For Dark Memory characters, EX difficulty quests on Event stories will provide Dark Awakening stones.

Enhance Character Page with Awakening Added

To make use of the awakening system, go to Enhance>Character and pick any costume. Then you will see a new tab on the right, titled Awaken.

There will be 5 stages of awakening for each costume. Stages 1, 2, and 4 will increase stats. Stage 3 will add a new passive ability. The final stage, 5, will grant a new passive ability titled “Debris” that can be equipped on anyone in a loadout. You can see how many times a character has been awakened by looking at the number next to their costume name. In this case, 3* Gayle/Dissenting Hunter is at 5, which means her awakening has completed.

Awakening tab

Once the debris is unlocked, this can be equipped on any character via the loadout screen. You can also see how many times a character has been awakened in the loadout. For example, the 2 below A2 in my loadout signifies she has been awakened twice.

Loadout with Awakening amount
Loadout equip with debris option

Toggling the display to show equipment, tap on the space below “Debris” to equip debris. Tapping and holding on one of the Debris will tell you what it will add. Vigor is attack, toughness is HP, and aegis is defense.

Debris that can be equipped
Debris details.

I hope this quick Awakening guide has helped! Enjoy the game.

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