How to Get Shards in War of the Visions FFBE

Last Updated on April 11, 2023

After pulling a unit during their featured banner in War of the Visions, you will need 1000 shards to get them to level 120. And then 120 mindspheres (shards convert to mindspheres after max limit break) to get them to 140 via the Transcendence mechanic. So let’s take a look at all the ways this is possible.

Basic Unit Building Briefly Explained

Units come in multiple rarities, with the lowest at N, then R, SR, MR, and the highest being UR.

Every unit needs shards for max limit break, and various items for max awakening (6*).

The main job level is highest at 25, with the two sub jobs at 15. To know how many materials you need for each unit to max all job levels, check WOTV-Calc’s job planner. Most of these are easily farmable through story and event quests, and also available through log-in rewards and multiple mog shops. The item exchange shop is also an option.

Acquiring Shards

First thing’s first: As soon as you have acquired the unit: Stop pulling! Do not go for duplicates. You do not need duplicates. Save your visiore.

So here’s how you get shards for max limit break and then mindspheres for EXing:

Summon Medals

You will have likely acquired summon medals from summoning on the banner. So go to the Mog Shop, then unit summon medals, and check to see if you can use any for shards.

Event Shop

Scroll down in the mog shop, and you may see an Event Shop. For certain events, you may be able to acquire shards and/or mindspheres.

Soul Stars

Also in the Mog shop, scroll further down and take a look at Soul Stars. You can purchase soul stars for units you have acquired, up until 600 shards (or max limit break). Note how the exchange rate increases. It might be a good idea to stop getting shards when it costs 5 soul stars to get one shard. I usually stop once it’s 4, but up to you.

Soul Medals

Then let’s go further down in the Mog shop to Soul Medals. And toggle to mindsphere at the bottom left. You will see mindspheres for units who are at max limit break. You will need 400 mindspheres to fully EX a unit (from level 99 to 120).

All shards you receive after max limit break will be converted to mindspheres. Once again, be mindful of the exchange rate.

Daily Shop

Now check the Shop button at the bottom of the Main Menu. The regular daily shop will likely have shards for the featured unit (or vision card). You can check at the bottom right to see when the next refresh is. You can also do one refresh for free. It will cost visiore to refresh the shop after that.

Whimsy Shop

You can also trigger a limited time shop called a “Whimsy Shop” that will appear next to the Normal shop. This will happen on average around every 300 or 400 in game NRG spent. It lasts for only 30 minutes at a time.

After it is gone, wait at least another 30 minutes before spending more NRG to proc another whimsy. However, do not stress too much over Whimsy shops, as nowadays you can generally build most units without needing it. But do keep it in mind as a helpful option.

Featured Unit Shop

Scroll down on the left sidebar and go to Featured Unit Shop. This will run only during the unit’s banner. So make sure to pick up these shards before the shop leaves. The gil shards refresh daily for one week from the day the banner begins.

Elemental Shard Shop

Scroll to the very bottom and you will see an Elemental based shop. This will also have unit shards. This rotates daily and as of now, does not include limited collaboration units outside of their featured time.

Challenge Board

Let’s go back to the main menu and click on Challenges. Challenge boards are the game’s bingo board. If you click on each panel, it will give you more detail. Again, challenge boards will only run during the unit’s banner.

Chocobo Expedition

Another way to get shards is through the Chocobo Expedition. Click Party Formation and change the expedition area. In most cases, this will be set to the featured unit’s element. In some cases, there will be limited time areas for collaborations. Also, check the Unit Bonus for increased drop rate and speed.

Hard Quests for Daily Shards

Many units in the game also have daily Hard Quests. You can access this via Story>Hard Quest List. UR rarity units generally have two shards a day available. If you’re a paying player, you may be able to reset hard quests, depending on your royal rank. Keep in mind that most limited units, including collaboration units, do not have hard quests available.

Daily Purchase

Similarly, the daily purchase in the main menu will sometimes have the featured unit’s shards.

Character Quest

Once your character reaches level 40, you will access the Character Quest, which you can access from their unit page in the top right. This will give you another 40 shards.

Guild Barracks

Finally, if you are in a Guild, then go to your Barracks. You will be able to acquire on average 2 shards a day through here. It is generally a good idea to reserve these for limited time units. One way to get shards faster is by using Shard bottles, called Shardilis, when replenishing your barracks.

Shards for Vision Cards are the Same

The daily refresh, whimsy, and featured shops, as well as summon medals, vision stars, challenge boards, and hard quests are all ways to acquire shards for most vision cards.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the game.

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