Echoes of Mana – Memory Gem Guide

Last Updated on May 20, 2022

Hello and welcome to a brief guide explaining how memory gems work in the mobile game Echoes of Mana.

Memory gems are items you equip on an ally that give extra stats, an aegis skill (passive), and spirit magic level. You can check your Memory Gems by going to Menu>Home>Memory Gem.

Currently, only one ally can equip one memory gem.

Memory gems come in 3 rarities – 2*, 3*, and 4*.

The higher the rarity, the higher the level cap and spirit magic level cap. Spirit magic is an effect used in battle once a special technique has been used 3 times. The damage and element of the spirit magic depends on the order of the 3 STs and the level of the spirit magic – the level is where memory gems come in.

Memory Gems

There will be three tabs when you select a memory gem. The flavor text tab with an option to Lock the memory gem, leveling, and unleashing.

There are two ways to upgrade memory gems: Leveling them and unleashing them.

Leveling Memory Gems

To level them, you will need Echo plants – Echo Seed, Echo Sprout, and Echo Bloom, in order of how much experience they give with Seeds being the least and Blooms being the most. You can acquire these either through farming main story quests or Training>Item Dungeon>Echoing Maze. Leveling is important as it increases and adds more stats for your ally.

Unleashing Memory Gems

Unleashing requires a duplicate of the current memory gem. When unleashed, the memory gem’s level cap and spirit magic level cap will increase, as well as the effect of the aegis skill.

Which Memory Gems to Use?

As for which memory gem to equip on which ally, generally you want your physical damage dealers to have high STR stats, and increased skill DMG aegis skills. Staff users benefit from high INT. Healers/support units, usually in the sub slot in a party, would benefit from “field-inactive” and “recovery” aegis skills. Sword users, who are generally more defensive, will benefit from DMG reduction aegis skills. There are also some memory gems that boost specific elements, so make sure to check your ally’s element and see if there’s a memory gem that boosts the element.

And that was a brief look at how memory gems work in Echoes of Mana. I hope this helps and enjoy the game.

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