ALICE Fiction – Character Enchancement Guide

Last Updated on July 30, 2022

There’s various ways to enhance your character in ALICE Fiction, and it’s pretty straightforward.

From the home page, go to Party>Character, then tap on any character you want to work on.

You will see four tabs – Level, Grade, Skill, and Rarity.

You can automatically optimize all of these by hitting “Optimize Character” in the bottom left, and it will show you what it will do and you can confirm whether you want to go ahead with the optimization.


Character experience increases the character’s level. You can gain EXP items from Quests>Resource Quests>EXP Quests. The character’s maximum level is limited to your player rank (which you will increase with daily missions and using stamina).


The grade section enhances the character’s stats, and there are multiple grades to work through. You can get the items needed for grade enhancement through story quests. Tap on any one of the stat nodes, then tap on the item required, and you will see a list of quests you can get the item from.


Enhancing a character’s skill simply takes credits. You can gain credits through Quests>Resource Quests>EXP Quests and also through story quests. You can enhance your passive skill once your character’s grade has reached level 5.


Every character can eventually reach the maximum rarity of 5*. This gives a boost in stats. You can increase the rarity of a character by collecting shards, known as anima. You can collect most anima through Hard Quests or the anima medal exchange. Some characters will have anima available in arena exchange.

And those are the basics of character enhancement in ALICE Fiction. Enjoy the game!

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