5 Ways to Gain Gold in NieR Reincarnation

Last Updated on July 4, 2022

In NieR Reincarnation, gold is the main currency of the game that you need to do the majority of enhancing and evolving of your characters, weapons, their skills, and memoirs. So let’s look at the various ways to gain gold in the game.

1. Selling Coins

Coins are items that are sold purely in exchange for gold, and have no other use in the game. There are 3 types of coins – Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Exchanging them will net you the following amount for each:

Bronze Coin – 500 Gold
Silver Coin – 1000 Gold
Gold Coin – 10000 Gold

The primary way of gaining coins in NieR Reincarnation is to farm current limited events and exchange the event medals for coins. You also gain coins through chapter summons (Summons>Chapter). You get chapter tickets by farming Main Quests. And you also get coins from the Daily Challenge, which is available after clearing the latest story chapter.

You sell these coins by going to Enhance>List/Sell>Other, tapping “sell”, and choosing the coins.

2. Selling Weapons

After clearing the latest story chapter, you will be able to get 5 free daily gacha pulls a day. The majority of what you will receive will be 2* weapons. Selling these will get you a lot of gold fast. It’s generally advised in the early game to not sell 4* weapons, or even most of your 3* (especially the limited ones).

Here’s the calculation for each rarity:

2* – 2000 gold
3* – 4000 gold
4* – 13000 gold

These prices are for the weapons at level 1. You’ll notice the higher the level of the weapon, the more gold will be received from selling. But of course, leveling the weapons requires gold as well.

Selling 2* and 3* weapons will also net you Medals for the Exchange shop. Selling or ascending 4* will give you Rare Medals.

3. Farming and Selling Memoirs


Before you do this, make sure to check out all the different sets, and keep the ones you need by locking them. You can sort the Memoirs by Set to make it easier. Memoirs come in rarities from 1* to 4*, and sell for the following:

1* – 1000 gold
2* – 2000 gold
3* – 3000 gold
4* – 4000 gold

You can farm Memoirs in Quests>Subquests>Dungeon. There’s multiple dungeons, and each dungeon drops different sets. Since there are various dungeons available, it might be a good idea to farm the sets that you’re wanting to use, and selling the extras. Generally, the higher the floor of the dungeon, the higher the rarity that will drop, as well as the amount of Memoirs and gold.

For example, right now, a 10-run of the 5th floor of a dungeon will give you around 14 or 15 Memoirs total and about 13000 gold (so around 1300 or so per run).

4. Collection Bonus

Mama Menu>Summons>Collection

Owning a trio of characters from a particular set can give a gold bonus. The higher the ascension of the characters, the bigger the bonus. As you can see, having the 3* Automata trio at max ascension gives a bonus of 50% in the main quests. However, be aware that these bonuses are usually limited time and will rotate.

5. Guerilla Quests

Guerilla quests are timed quests you can access through Quests>Subquests. They drop a lot of weapon enhancement materials. So, as usual, the higher the difficulty you can farm, the better.

As for gold, doing one run on Master difficulty gave 1760 each time, so 10 runs is 17600 gold.

Thanks for reading. I hope this helped, and enjoy NieR Reincarnation!

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